Cold Flu Tips
Cold Flu Tips

Can Colds Cause Tooth Pain?

A person suffering from cold can also experience tooth pain along with various other symptoms. Our sinuses are present very close to the extreme corner teeth. Moreover, the nerve supply to the jaws, teeth and other parts of the face are also provided by the branches of the same nerve called the trigeminal nerve.

During the time of the cold the sinuses gets infected and causes the upper teeth to feel on the edge and experience pain. Since teeth are not the cause of the pain during cold thus this type of pain is also known as referred pain. This type of toothache goes away when the sinusitis gets cleared up. Moreover the teeth are also very sensitive to cold conditions as its enamel layer does not have a nerve supply but its underlying dentine layer has. When the dentine layer of the tooth is exposed to cold conditions it may also cause pain and uneasiness. Though tooth pain caused during cold automatically disappears when your cold is treated but still if you suffer from extreme pain then you can take over the counter drugs or the prescribed medicines. These drugs include pain relievers and analgesics.




Cold Flu Tips